Indie 100 - Live Performance Workshop

A live performance workshop, the shortlisted Indie100 program bands will showcase their original music to industry members, musicians and music specialists. The workshop gives these emerging artists valuable inputs and feedback on performance, musicality, brand image, stage presence, and key factors that can make an artist stand out in the industry.

Date: Sunday, 01st December 2019 / Time: 15:00-17:00 / Venue: KM Music Conservatory


Kristina Kelman (QUT), Yanto Browning (QUT / Music Producer), Sonya Mazumdar (EarthSync), Dr. Adam Greig (KM Music Conservatory), Deepak Sugathan (Musician & Producer), Nicolas M’Tima (Niko Prod), Willy Ramboatinarisoa (EMA), Arati Rao Shetty (bFlat / High Note Entertainment)